I am probably going to be the first one to say this, but I really hate this whole affirmative action shit. And I saw a post on my dash that REALLY set me off on it. 

I hate affirmative action. 

It gives unqualified people spots in prestigious universities and jobs who do not deserve them. It judges people not for who they are or the work they do, but for what color they are. And this post I saw…Lord, let me tell you, I wanted to rip the person who wrote it’s eyes out.

This post was from someone telling the girl suing UT that she was basically a spoiled white girl trying to take advantage of “white privilege” and who wasn’t good enough to go to UT just because she fell shortly out of their ideal student range with a 1180 on her SATs and a 3.5 GPA. And she went on to brag about herself being black with a 1680 on her SATs and a perfect 4.0 and how she got accepted to every school she applied to and graduated Summa Cum Laude. 


You didn’t get accepted to the schools you applied to because you’re black. They accepted you because you scored well on you SATs and had a high GPA. If you think that they accepted you just because you’re black, you have another fucking thing coming. Bragging about how awesome you think you are and telling someone else that they’re shit is HORRID. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself.

It is COMPLETELY true that there are people in colleges and universities and workplaces across the US who SHOULD NOT BE THERE but are because of affirmative action. You can’t deny it; you’ve all seen it. But that’s what liberals do best: they deny everything and live their lives in denial.

Affirmative Action is BAD. It judges someone on their skin color. Not their qualifications, not their grades, not who they actually are. It says to a college, university, or workplace that they HAVE to hire someone who isn’t qualified just because they’re not white. I’m pretty sure that the discrimination law says you can’t discriminate against anyone BASED ON RACE. That means white people too.

I think we should do away with it COMPLETELY. Everyone should have a level playing field, and if you want that job or that spot at a college or university, you better fucking work you ass off for it instead of sitting around and saying “Well, I’ll just get in because I’m black.”

So, yeah lady. Congrats that you’ve done so well in life. But it’s not because you’re black. It’s because you worked hard. Stop playing the race card and stop putting other people down just because they may not have reaped the same rewards as yourself even if they worked hard or harder than you.

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