The fact that your blog is called "Pretty in Prep" doesn't stop you from frequently posting very conservative political links/comments/opinions/etc. Yes, you blog IS primarily preppy things, but it isn't ONLY preppy things. And it's no secret what your political leaning is. I agree with cal1forn1cat1on; posting a picture of JFK is a little out of character. It's totally your prerogative, you can post whatever you want. I'm just saying I see their point.

If you’re offended by my conservative opinions/posts/whatever, I could really give two fucking shits. I really do not understand why this is a fucking issue with all of you people. If you have a problem with it, get the fuck off of my blog. I’m really getting annoyed with these messages saying I can’t post pictures of JFK AND be a conservative. You don’t like it, fucking leave, because I really do not want to hear it anymore.

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